We take our dedication to customer support and satisfaction seriously. As your partner in business and success we endeavor to exceed your expectations at every turn, but ultimately our clients are the best authority on why choosing Berney, Gitlin & Abitante is a smart move.

“Hello John, another year of taxes…I just wanted to let you know how I appreciate the work you have done in my companies and my personal taxes. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for another year of great work!”

Claudia Serna, Broker
Real Estate Investment Management

“As always, thanks for your services. Even though we live in New England now, it is always a pleasure to do business with someone you trust.”

Dominick R. Aquilini, Director Mobile Audio Sales
Boston Acoustics

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you did for me this year. No only are you able to decipher the tax code and explain it to me in a way that is understandable, but you have allowed me to be pro-active in my planning. Over the year I have referred clients to you and I can honestly say that all of them have told me that they are extremely impressed with you knowedge and integrity. It is a pleasure to send you my clients knowing that they are in good hands.

I feel truly blessed that I can call on you when I have not only a personal questions, but when my clients are in need of tax advice or assistance. From a planning standpoint, I am very grateful that you have consistently been on target with your forecasts for my ever-growing business.Thank you again for being the professional that you are. I intend to continue to sing your praises to my family, friends and to my clients.”

Trina London, P.A. Realator, Managing Broker Partner
Frockt Enterprises, Inc.

I’ve known John Abitante for a number of years, he has audited a company where I have been the acting CFO since 2005 in order to go public. He is very knowledgeable in accounting and has aided us greatly in the process. He also has an astute business sense which lets him be invaluable in the process of growing our business and preparing us for the public sector.

I have worked with hundreds of accountants over the years and was in fact a managing partner of a large CPA firm in the Midwest which is now a national firm, Crowe Chizek. I also worked for Arthur Andersen prior to that time period.I have found John is very reasonalable, yet firm on business issues. On a couple situations where we disagreed, time later proved him right. I own a number of companies and teach Financie and Law at St. Petersberg College in Florida. The only reason I am writing this is out of my respect for John. If there are any questions, give me a call.Thank you again for being the professional that you are. I intend to continue to sing your praises to my family, friends and to my clients.”

William Bowersock, CFO, Business Owner, Professor
(727) 515-8095